Throughout the year, Love Bridal’s collection of wedding dresses changes and the beautiful, well kept samples are either discontinuing by the designer or simply making way for the new collection arriving. Here you will see gowns available for up to 70% discount – sold as seen.

tait_sadie_main-530x845 ML 734 ML 734 BackRoyce 57318Royce 57318 backSY 6025 Poppy Gemma AllenSY 6025 Poppy Justine ChristoforouTabithaTabitha back58701 Esperance front58701 Esperance backDoyle 57110Willowby by watters 57705 frontWillowby by watters 57705 back58110 Brighton58110 Brighton Back1729 front1729 Kenneth WinstonStellaYork_6371 Zena sideStellaYork_6371 Zena StellaYork_6379 OliviaStellaYork_6379 Olivia back6272.Noell6272LB126 back LB126 front 1anoushka-back1653 kw Anoushka  nicole-spose-NIAB17024-Nicole-moda-sposa-2017-674nicole-spose-NIAB17024-Nicole-moda-sposa-2017-320nicole-spose-NIAB17103-Nicole-moda-sposa-2017-83nicole-spose-NIAB17103-Nicole-moda-sposa-2017-4061_3890db47-cc3c-4fd6-972e-3cc5ab48b76e55127willowby-by-watters-twillawillowby-by-watters-twilla-b SY 6143NIAB17137 Front Antonia thumbnail_NIAB17137_3765 Crystal back 765 Crystal15607 B 15607 FD5429DD5429BAC476 SaffieBE3792 Back AlessiaBE3792 Alessiastellayork_6386_02-530x8456386ac516art-couturedilinadilina_backdominicadominica_backInes fdarby_backD5314-BBridal Gallery Eternity Bridal d5052-back1567 lexi fAdeline 2 Adeline6037 Wedding Dress Stella York Detail 6037 Wedding Dress Stella York Back6291 Elsa Back 6291 Elsa Front Willowby by Watters Twilla b Willowby by Watters Twilla Ariadne 2 Ariadne 5989.1445974106.0-530x845 5989.1445974107.1-530x845 6182.1449597445.0-530x845 6182.1449597446.0-530x845 6237.1449597562.0-530x845 6237.1449597562.1-530x845 6335.1464815191.0-530x845 6335.1464815192.0-530x845


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