Throughout the year, Love Bridal’s collection of wedding dresses changes and the beautiful, well kept samples are either discontinuing by the designer or simply making way for the new collection arriving. Here you will see gowns available for up to 75% discount – sold as seen.

Lauren BodiceScreen Shot 2018-02-08 at 13.13.52MarbleScreen Shot 2018-02-08 at 13.15.31AnnaStellaPersy Kendall1607 Honeycomb Front1607 Honeycomb back6151.1445974246.0ML 734ML 734 BackSY 6025 Poppy Gemma AllenSY 6025 Poppy Justine ChristoforouDoyle 57110willowby-57110-doyle-wedding-dress-02.1943Louise BackLouise FrontLaura (6282) FrontLaura back imageStellaYork_6371 Zena backStellaYork_6371 Zena frontBE400BE400-frontStellaYork_6371 Zena sideStellaYork_6371 Zenaf77654690dd1daa4a8e79834d2fa25ed53707Dcarnelian image 2Cateblaire_sachi-long_main-530x845Selenemartina-liana-bellevanu top53313SY 604865526552 copywillowby-by-watters-twillawillowby-by-watters-twilla-bSY 6143NIAB17137 Front Antoniathumbnail_NIAB17137_3Leah backLeahbardolino_0065bardolino_016715607 B15607 FD5429DD5429BAdeline 2Adeline6335.1464815191.0-530x8456335.1464815192.0-530x845be251Eve backkAREEN33 Elle (1)33 Elle (3)Beatrice_backBeatrice_front1


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