Sizing and expectations

We recently had a few brides visit us for their first ever time trying on bridal gowns.  In one instance, the bride said she was a typical size 16 and embraced her curves and we couldn’t wait to try a few different styles on her.  She came armed with a Pinterest board with lots of varying styles, but mostly fitted, low back, figure hugging lace numbers and we chatted through the wedding that she had planned in a local South London venue.  Upon going through the gowns, we soon realised that many of her requests, were going to be slightly out of ‘fit’ as the styles that she loved the look of went up to a size 14-16 in store, however, bridal sizing is not the same as high street sizing.  A size 16 at a departments store is likely to be a size 20-22 in bridal.  When trying gowns on, we look to the style of gown against the area of the brides curves and whether she can step into the gown.  Are her curves in the chest area and then it’s still easy to slip the dresses on?  Are they around her tummy and then are we really helping to choose her the right styles for her shape?  Or, does she have a curvy bottom and we need to explore styles to showcase her assets?  There is no right and wrong, there is only opportunity in offering various styles for her to try.

A store cannot really carry more than one size of gown, so have to hope that the one dress, is manoeuvrable to varying sizes of bride.  What a store can do, is be honest and say what they are good at and when not good at something, recommend someone else who is.  On this occasion, we recommended a store not far from here that has many 16-30 sized gowns and specialise in this area and a week later, the bride calls to say that she found her gown there and couldn’t be happier.  We should be saddened that we couldn’t help her find the one – but why pretend to be something we are not?  A dedicated team of stylists who know each and every gown inside out and specialise from a 0-16. We love our work.